Dec. 24th, 2014


Dec. 24th, 2014 09:28 pm
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Christmas had been lovely, though a bit awkward with Aaron there, then he and Spencer leaving together so early. It had left Hex with Assassin's Creed which was just as Logan had said what with the face glitching. He'd had a good laugh and then gone to bed. And Boxing Day he'd gotten up and gone to work like always. But when he'd gotten off he indulged in what he'd been thinking of all day. He got to work and made up a steamed pudding- cranberry orange as promised with a sweet orange sauce and he'd called Logan. Armed with the treat he'd gone to the Ritz and found the penthouse suite.

"Do you even have Boxing Day in America?" he asked when Logan opened the door- instead of hello. "I brought you a steamed pudding and it's still warm since I took a cab. Come on, let's eat."

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