Jan. 16th, 2015 10:07 pm
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The night at the club had been a disaster and Hex had let himself stew until he couldn't stand it. He'd broken it off with Spencer before he'd even known what he was doing. The words had been so quick to come, and even quicker to regret.

It wasn't even as if they saw one another often, but Hex found himself missing Spencer with an acute ache that drooped his shoulders and stole his smile.

And so it was days later and he only hurt more with every passing day. Even though Spencer had said he'd prefer a clean break if they were breaking it off Hex couldn't take it. And at the end of his shift, after he'd changed, Hex pulled out his mobile. He hadn't yet deleted Spencer's information. And so he began to type.

I know you said to not contact you but I miss you and I'm so sorry and I just want to see you and tell you I know I'm an arse and beg you for another chance. I won't push for anything more than you can give but I am sick without you. I miss you.

And then all he could do was wait. He started to walk to the tube stop but he didn't go down. He didn't want to lose signal just in case Spencer decided to text him back.
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