Apr. 16th, 2016 11:12 pm
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Hex was bored and restless, but it seemed any time he went out- to the market to buy food or to a shop for a new book or game- he was increasingly anxious. And it didn't help that on one of his triips to the shops he'd picked up a couple bottles of vodka that he had hidden in his room. He tried to be sensible, drinking when Danny was out only. But some mornings he got up and had a deep swallow before going to brush his teeth.

He'd set out this morning for his therapy appointment but at the corner near the train stop a car backfired and he was instantly awash in cold sweat. His heart hammered in his chest. So he turned round and went home, calling the therapist on the way to cancel. And when he got home he locked up every single lock, armed the alarm system, and then he popped his pain pills. They began to work and he went to the garden, thinking he'd like a cup of coffee. Instead, there were Danny's cigarettes.

Hex had quit in the army when he'd replaced all his vices with physicality and had embraced his sexuality. But sometimes, high stress times, he wanted a fag. And so he pinched one and lit up.
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