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It was Christmas-time and Hex was so happy. He'd baked and taken the sweets to work to share, he'd put up lights and decorations and he'd bought new ornaments for the tree he and Danny were going to trim. This evening he was out shopping. The sun was just beginning to go down, still early in the day, really, and there was a distinct nip in the air. He had been to Harrod's and he'd been to a few other shops. He had several bags hanging in his gloved hand as he stopped to admire a toy disply, thinking he should get something for his mate Mark's children.

And then he spotted Fin and those thoughts vanished into thin air. He wondered if maybe Fin's magic was weak and his vision useless and the man would pass on by. Hex still didn't know how to make amends and though he'd been working on just that sort of thing in his meetings, Fin was by far the worst of his transgretions and he was at a loss for how to express his deep regret.

First, he thought to himself, you could not be a wanker. You could say something to him and get his attention. Then let him take you as he will. That's his right. Wank.

And so he took a breath.

"-Lo, Fin," he said to the man coming toward him.
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