May. 22nd, 2017 09:08 pm
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After leaving Fin's Hex had taken his time getting to the tube. He'd waited on the train and every moment that passed made him more and more queasy. He knew he needed to come clean with Danny. He knew he needed to accept responsibility for his actions. But he didn't want to. A big part of him wanted to go on without saying anything at all. Maybe Danny wouldn't notice.

He knew that wasn't true, though.

Danny noticed. Danny knew. He just knew things. It was impossible to lie to him, even moreso since Hex was a shit liar.

He finally came into the house well after dark and took off his jacket. He'd hoped Danny was out getting high but the lights were on and he knew the man was home. No avoiding this any longer, then.

"You home?" he called as he shed his jacket.
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