Dec. 26th, 2015

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Hex had been up since 5. He'd gotten in his workout and showered, tidied the house up and prepped things to cook for brunch. He had juice and coffee and tea ready to steep. Eggs and ingredients for a delicious fritata. All he had to do was wait until 10 when Spencer was supposed to arrive. He knew he wouldn't be late. Spencer was never late.

He'd had quite a bit of time to think about Spencer and what was going on between them. And Danny and what was going on between them. Hex was torn and didn't want to lead either of them on, yet he was afraid if he didn't decide who he wanted to go after they would both slip from his grasp. THe truly difficult part was that he really liked them both, just in different ways. It made him wish this wasn't so hard.

He decided to put it out of his mind. At least for now. Who knew...maybe Spencer would see the show he did and decide he was done with him. That could happen, he feared

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