Jun. 29th, 2014 01:20 pm
just_hex: (Hoodie)
It was a lovely Sunday and Hex had nothing to do and nowhere to be. He'd gotten his workout in earlier this morning, had cleaned up, gotten a haircut to keep trimmed up, and was in search of food. He enjoyed cooking but sometimes he just didn't feel like it. He had his favorite places and he'd decided it was well worth it to get out of his neighborhood so he could go to Molly Moggs to get soup and a sandwich and have a cup of the best tea he'd found in London. Tea shops might boast, but this was really top notch. It's the pub he felt the most at home in and everyone there knew him.

He reached for the door just as a slender man with rather wild hair got there at the same time.

"I've got it, mate," he said with a warm smile.


Jun. 25th, 2014 07:43 pm
just_hex: (Scrubs)
It had been a rather slow night in A&E and Hex had had plenty of time to chat with the other nurses. He'd been put off with the peds just because he was so good with the kiddies, but when warning bells went off in trauma Hex ran to where he was needed. The bloke was young and terribly thin and Hex got the distinct impression from the state of his hair and nails he was probably not well.

"I'm Hex," he said as two other nurses fussed over the young man, installing an IV and affixing EKG pads. "I just need to get a bit of history."

They went through the details and Hex took it all down, but what he was watching for with all this was to see how lucid Mr. Finlay Flynn was. The other nurses left before he got through the complete questionnaire.

"Almost done, Mr. Flynn," he said, then paused to look at the EKG printout. It wasn't good and the gravity of the situation settled heavy on his brow.

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